What pet owners have to say about our specialists

Dear Dr. Corbett & Staff,

I am very grateful for the loving CARE which you gave to Ginger over the past two years. Ginger was very special to me, and it was obvious that she earned your respect and love with each passing visit given her courage, bravery, and “will to live” despite her many ailments. I will always remember how each of you treated Ginger as if she was a member of your extended family. Rather than mention each of you by name, everyone contributed to her well-being since our arrival in Florida, and we were truly blessed to have had all of you share in maintaining her miraculous life. A special “thank you” to Dr. Corbett and to Jasmyne for your heart-felt emotions, support, and presence during Ginger’s final moments. It was of great comfort to have had such an outpouring of compassion during a very trying time. Also, thank you for the beautiful flowers as they made me smile at the end of a very challenging day.

With all of my admiration and respect, Robert

Dr. Lewis,

Just wanted to give you an update on our Molly. We’ve been down to Apalachicola several times since our last visit with you on April 1st. As you can see, Molly is happy to wear her “onesies” or body T-shirt and with the exception of an occasional isolated red spot (which we treat w/ hydrocortisone), she’s been doing great. I always keep the anti-itch pills with us (and the antibacterial soap) – just in case.

Thanks again for the good care you gave Molly & for your very useful suggestion on the onesie!

Kathy & Lealand

Dr. Corbett (& Staff),

Thank you so much for your kindness and compassion when helping my cat “Skylar” cross over to the other side. In times like this it is comforting to be treated with respect and to know you actually care. You are one of the best doctors I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and I don’t mean just your credentials! I want you to know that I really appreciate the courtesy of my discount, but I also felt like Skylar was in the best hands. I know you have been through this with me before with my greyhound ‘Bobby’ and I never forgot that either, though I didn’t send a thank you card then (but I should have). Anyway, even though Skylie’s life had to end, it really helped that you & your staff were so wonderful. Thank you all again for your compassion during such a painful time.

Sincerely, Jill

Dear Dr. Corbett,

We wanted to thank you for your part in saving our Whippet, Mikey, when he was so sick. We so appreciate your expertise and professionalism, as well as your kindness. Mikey is doing very well, and is continuing to improve and slowly gain weight as we increase his food intake. He is able to tolerate all his medications, and has finished his first Panacur treatment with no ill effects and no vomiting. Thank you again for helping to extend a quality of life for our Mikey.

Sincerely, Jim & Jackie

Dear Dr. Borde and staff,

You will never know the depth of our gratitude for the loving care you provided for King for the past five years. You gave him five extra years of life that he would not have had otherwise. I am so thankful that Dr. Thompson led us to you.

If we end up with another Dobie, I will certainly want him or her in your care.

King wanted you to have this picture of him, on his 13th birthday!

In gratitude, Suzanne

Dear Dr. Lewis,

Thank you so very much for all that you did for my beloved Pepper throughout her life.  We never could have done it without your help.. Because of you, she lived a long full life, and because of your words to me about stepping up to the plate for her, she went out of this world with the dignity she deserved. You helped comfort me on probably the worst day of my life so far.  She may be gone physically, but she will live on forever in my memories. She was my best friend. I cannot express my gratitude enough for being there when we needed you most, as a physician and friend. Thanks again.

Sincerely, Jim

Dear Dr. Borde,

It sure is different getting a note from a Cat!  I talk through my mom, who adores me, and I wanted to share something with you from my perspective.  You are the best, the absolute best. That is coming from a guy who has very limited days. I am quite sure when I arrive in Heaven, other animals will speak of you.  I also have a lot of confidence that you are going to do great things. 

One thing that really meant a lot to me is that you cared about my Mom and her sadness.  That’s really really special. You have a lot of passion in what you do. So does my mom.   When she gets invested in a cause she gives it her all.

In closing, Dr. Borde, thank you from my cat heart.  You would be amazed what I know and hear. You gave me more time but I am getting tired.  I hope to see you, but if I don’t, I had the best life. I am loved, always will be. I’ll never forget you.  Never.

Mr. Beebo Boggins

 Dr. Corbett,

I wanted to thank you and your staff for the sweet card and kind words. I feel very grateful Sadie was in your care and diagnosis. It was a relief to know what was wrong and that she finally is in peace. I had a dream she was bounding up a staircase that evening. I am sure she is in a better place. Thanks for your care. Her sister and Pam and I miss her beyond words.

Sincerely, Carol & Pamela

Dr. Borde,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for caring for my Patches over these past 5 years! Without all of your help and medical advice, he would not have made it as long as he did. I hope you will continue to tell people about my miracle kitty, Patches, and that his story will give people hope, when their pets are diagnosed with his condition.

Thank you again for everything, Dawn

Dear IVS Staff

Thank you so much for your card and expressions of sympathy during the loss of our beloved Boots. We miss her so much, but her spirit will always be with us.


Dear Dr. Borde,

I would like to express my deepest thanks for all the exceptional care you gave my Spuds. He enjoyed visiting your office and was never afraid. I am deeply appreciative of all your concern, expertise, and hard work to extend the short time he had with us. I miss him more than words can express but pray he is feeling no infirmities now and is at peace.

With sincere thanks, Debra

Dear Dr. Lewis,

My dog, Logan, was referred to you in December of ’03. At that time (I wish I had a before photo) she was a much loved but miserable little blind wire-haired fox terrier with terrible skin allergies.  My local vet and I had tried lots of remedies without much success.

Within a month of our initial visit with you a marked improvement was noted and continued until she was a cute, comfortable, allergy controlled dog.  It is no five years later, and Logan at 14 ½ is no longer with us. Why am I writing this letter? Our pastor gave a sermon recently on appreciation and gratitude. He suggested that many times individuals have a great impact on our lives and yet fail to know the positive effect they had in improving our lives.  This letter is to serve that purpose. Of course I thanked you, paid for services rendered and have referred others to you, but in the last month since Logan has died that seems so inadequate. When we brought her to you we frankly didn’t see her living the long life that she did. I thank you for your knowledge, the care and concern you showed towards my dog and I, and the improvement in her quality of life.

May you continue to help others as you have helped us.  Many thanks and God bless you.

Sincerely, Kathryn

Dr. Corbett,

You are more to us than just Button’s doctor.  You became FAMILY to us for all that you have done. You gave us love for so many years MORE!

We love and thank you so much for keeping Buttons here with us.

Love, John and Linda

Dear Staff,

As I am writing this, our Beebo is still with us.  And we are grateful. We wanted to thank each and every one of you for the loving care you showed all of us through this very difficult time.  When we visited your office with our boy, all the girls were just an absolute pleasure to talk with and share stories. We never felt rushed—never. 

Dr.  Borde, I predict that you are going to do marvelous things in the cardiovascular field. 

Thank you from our hearts, and God bless you.

Barry and Norma

Dear Dr. Lewis,

It’s hard to say goodbye to someone you’ve loved for so long, especially when they’ve loved you back so unconditionally as Combo did.  I miss her so much.

Thank you for always being there for us Diane, and for taking time out of your schedule for us.  I know that you personally answered many calls to me that normally would have been delegated to your resident.  You also phoned on numerous occasions just to check on Combo and I was so impressed and touched. Everyone treated us with kindness but you always went above and beyond the call of duty, and I just want to say that it didn’t go unnoticed. I have thanked God for you many times. I sing your praises to anyone who will listen!

And I am honored that you consider us friends.  Your loving kindness to Combo and to Connie and me will always be dear to my heart.

Thank you for coming here on Combo’s last day so that she could go in peace—and for taking us to Suburban with her.  This photo of Combo was taken just before you came over. I’m so glad she didn’t have to suffer. Thank you Diane. You are a gift.  You will be in my prayers always,

Love, Lorraine